Breakout Furniture – An Aid To Relax, Eat, Work & Meet

In the modern workplace breakout furniture helps to create spaces that can stimulate interaction and relaxation where both employees and visitors can either take a break from their work or hold quick informal meetings if the meeting rooms are busy.

Reception Breakout Furniture
A relaxing, informal breakout area created using the Jig Cave range

From a health perspective, well designed breakout furniture can positively encourage staff to move around during the working day and includes elevated furniture such as high poser or media tables which increases standing positions and other postures.

Reception Breakout Furniture
The Hive range


Our breakout furniture ranges are designed to create both relaxing and multi-functional breakout areas.  All of the breakout furniture is of the highest quality and is available in various finishes and colours for different breakout space priorities such as relaxing, eating or working.

Please contact us to discuss your breakout space planning and furniture needs or if you require any further information regarding our extensive reception breakout range.