Renovating and Reupholstering Recliner Chairs

Norman Lewis have restored a pair of 1940s recliner chairs to their former glory for one our clients. The chairs were manufactured around the mid-forties and hand made making them unique and each with slight variances. The chairs were in a distressed state of repair when they arrived for renovating and reupholstering but the frames are solid mahogany and the original materials would have been fabrics for the seats and they would have been sprung upholstered.



The work was comprehensive and we took the chair completely apart, cleaning every joint before reassembling. We replaced and re-positioned the back supports, repaired the sliding wooden mechanism to slide on waxed runners – we also made completely new seats courtesy of Andrew Muirhead leather upholstery. Finally, the chairs were stripped, stained and re-polished.

Typically a restoration job like this will take 6-8 weeks to complete. The leather is available in many colours should you wish us to undertake a similar project for you.


Please contact us for more information regarding our Renovating and Reupholstering service.