Fulcrum CE

SV – Fulcrum CE

Fulcrum CE is distinctive range of contemporary executive desks and storage of the highest quality, combining modern styling with traditional craftsmanship. The palette of finishes comprises a wide choice of veneers, glasses and high gloss lacquers. These finishes may be combined in a multitude of ways to create office suites tailored to meet a very wide range of environments.

Fulcrum CE enables you to create modern executive suites of great presence. While the fundamental design is inherently contemporary the appearance of each individual suite can vary widely according to the specifications and finishes selected. The key visual elements are the desk top, the supporting frame or panel and the accompanying storage. The desk top is always slim and elegant, and may be in veneer or glass. Each of the many available veneers creates a different look, as do the variations of glass: clear, frosted, white, black or green. The desk top is supported on either a rectangular metal frame or 60mm thick timber panel: if metal it may be chrome or epc coated black or white: if timber it may be in veneer or high gloss white or black lacquer. Storage units (including the desk-supporting storage) comprise an internal carcass clad with external panels. The cladding may be in veneer or high gloss lacquer. The same options apply to the doors and drawers but they may be (and commonly are) specified in different finishes.

Fulcrum CE Fulcrum CE Fulcrum CE